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  1. Siti Marlina Abd

    Hi, I wud like to have the Name Necklace in White Gold but wud luv to hv the Clover leave in it too….. Cud you kindly help with the design?!! N wud like it to be unique in its own way….
    Many thanks n hope to hear frm you soon

  2. Dear Siti Marlina,

    We can definitely work on a Clover design for you. Please email us at with a more detailed description and we will get back to you with quotation and design options.

    Regards, Sara

  3. rejindo

    I am looking for a Blue Sapphire ring for male. Do you have any pictures which I can view through online and also the price for it.

  4. moo

    hi 🙂 i would like to buy a diamond ring similar to the one on yr home page which says abt the diamonds surrounding the center one to make it look bigger… i am not sure of the carat/clarity/coloretc on that diamond but if i do have a budget of S$8000, can i get one like that given its 1 carat and going a little lower on clarity?

  5. dhaval

    i need my name on your design can u do that …
    My Name IS Dhaval

  6. I am looking for a double happiness necklace in gold or silver. Do you have it? On which address? Any place close to Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel?

  7. gg

    hi i would like to have a catalogue of your sapphire rings can you email them to me pls

  8. CC

    Hi, can I request for a catalogue of sapphire engagement rings that you have? And an rough estimate of the price range? Thanks!

  9. shaun

    I would like a gold signet ring with my initials on it

    What are my options

  10. Zan


    I am currently looking around for places that customise rings at cheap rates, my group of friends and i are in a dance crew and are thinking of getting identical rings for each of us, may i know what is the price if i were to get 7 plain rings with our names carved on it?


  11. Janlyn

    Hi, I am looking for a place who can set pendant for a stone for my mom. It is in heart shape 15ct topaz. May I know what will the charges be?

  12. Mariana

    I was recommended by a friend. I would like to do up a diamond ring.


    Cut: Princess

    Carat: between 1 to 2

    Clarity: VS above

    Colour: G to E ( if there florescent would very better)

    I like to know if you could assist me in this.

    Thank you.

  13. nur

    Hi i want to turn my diamond earrings to a necklace, is it possible?

  14. S


    I’d like to turn my 1 cat princess cut to a necklace. can you send me a sample for a simple design?
    I prefer thin but shiny simple style.
    Please email me the samples, price and how long it will take.
    Thank you.


  15. Jason

    Hi. I have a ring made from an old silver coin that belonged to my father. I found the same silver coin online and I would like to make a duplicate. Can you make this?

  16. Ali Eatough

    I would like to redesign my solataire engagement ring and also see if I can use the single diamond from my mother’s engagement ring and small diamonds from her eternity ring

  17. Hi I would like to reset my solitaire diamond pendant into a cross in white gold. I have a rough idea of what I want. May I know the estimation of the cost? Thank you 😊

  18. Leefen

    Hi, can I do a walk in or I have to make an appointment?

  19. Valerie Tang

    Like to Reset and Redesign my engagement ring.
    Can you help?

  20. Niko

    Like to make ring or pendant for two loose gemstones.
    May i know the price for them?

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