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Welcome to More than Diamonds Blog, dedicated to the world of fine jewellery. We are Chris Lim and Sara Ooi, designers of Goldilocks™ Jewellery and the innovators behind More than Diamonds. We will investigate a variety of topics to keep you in the know – common queries and stereotypes, people’s expectations, as well as creative ideas.

Whether you are about to propose, planning your wedding, looking for a special gift, or simply love jewellery, this is the spot to check out. Sign up for news updates or bookmark this page to keep in touch. You can choose if you want to receive your updates immediately or on a weekly basis.

If you have any comments or enquiries, please feel free to email us at info@morethandiamonds.com.sg

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Chris & Sara


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  3. Richard

    I am in need of someone to set a stone in a custom setting design. Is this something you can assist with?

  4. Fattah

    How much is a gold signet pinky ring? With an initial. I’m not really sure of my size as I have smaller fingers.

    • Hi Fattah,

      Apologies for the delayed response, we have been closed for Chinese New Year. We can custom make in Platinum, Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. The price depends on design, size and material. I will send you an email with further information and perhaps we can make an appointment to discuss further.


  5. Jason Chamber

    Hello Sara, I am interested in a signet platinum ring (square-type), with initials on it. Kindly contact me to discuss further.

  6. Joel

    i have 2 diamond rings tat i would like to swap the 2 diamonds to the other ring.
    is it possible?

    • Hi Joel,

      Would you be able to bring your rings down so that we can take a look? If they are of similar size, we should be able to. Please contact us for an appointment.


  7. Kabi

    Hi there, I would like to make a custom silver ring embedded with a pearl. I have the pearl. I would like to make the ring for my right hand pinky finger. Could you kindly estimate for me the cost and provide me with more details. Thank you.

    • Kabi

      Oh by the way, the pearl is very small and weighs at less than 3 carats or 0.6grams. I would like to have the pearl embedded with an open setting such that part of the pearl comes in contact with the skin. Thank you.

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