Custom Design: Fitting and Finishing

When the ring has been crafted, we will have you down for a fitting to make sure that the size is right, before we set the stones in.

Sapphire engagement ring with diamond haloLeft: Fitting piece with claws still rough, before the diamonds have been set in. Right: Set and polished blue sapphire ring with a diamond halo, handcrafted in 18K original white gold.

Engagement ring fitting and finished itemLeft: Ring at fitting stage with only centrepiece diamond in place using blu-tack. Right: Finished ring with diamonds and amethyst, handcrafted in 18K rose gold.

Trying and Wearing custom designed wedding ringLeft: Ring at fitting stage – holes where the diamonds are meant to go. Making sure that the wedding ring sits nicely with the engagement ring.

Right: Gorgeous engagement and wedding ring combo all set for the Big Day.


In case you missed Part 1: Custom Design: Sketching and Crafting

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