Un-blinging a Wedding Ring Set

Many years ago, M made her wedding ring using diamonds from a pendant that her grandmother had gifted her. Although she wasn’t crazy about the design, she kept the pendant because the grandmother was convinced that she would change her mind one day. Now that day has come, and M wanted to set the diamonds back into the pendant. While doing that, she wasn’t quite sure what to make of the ring that remained.

Diamonds were removed from the pendant to use in the wedding ring years ago. 

Before: Engagement and Wedding ring set and a sketch of what they would look like without the Diamonds.

We liked the shape of her two rings, and suggested keeping them that way after removing the diamonds. We set the diamonds from the wedding ring back into the pendant and designed a new modern, minimal band for the larger diamond that was in the engagement ring. The ring that remained after removing the engagement diamond, was polished shiny and contrasted by a matte finish on the wider wedding band.

After: With Diamonds removed – shiny engagement ring and matte wedding ring.

Isn’t it fantastic how modern they look without the diamonds?!

Beautiful Simplicity: Diamond in half-bezel setting with a wide band. 

A whole new ring to fit the larger diamond from the Engagement ring. It now matches nicely with the modern new set.


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