Necklace Becomes Bracelet and Chain

A Necklace received as a gift was not worn often enough, so J came to us to have it redesigned. We decided to take the links apart and place them in a long row to sit as a bracelet instead.

Necklace on top of sketch of new design. We had to add a few extra links in various sizes to make the bracelet the right length – and to make it flexible enough.

Diamond and white gold links all lined up and modified into a flexible bracelet with a catch 

We wanted to make use of the chain, so we moved the links around to make a simple chain with Diamond details. This way, all parts of the old necklace were used and transformed into two separate items that are more wearable on an everyday basis.

A simplified version of the necklace – a thin chain with small Diamond details, to be worn every day.


Resetting and Redesign
Resetting and Redesign: An Introduction
Redesign – The Diamond Edition
How We Do It: Redesign

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