Engagement and Wedding Ring Combos

There are so many options when designing engagement and wedding rings – and countless possible combinations. Some people choose a simple engagement ring and a more elaborate wedding ring, while others want a plain wedding band that they can wear anytime, anywhere. Here are a few combinations that differ from the first image that usually comes to mind.

Trying on custom made ringJ wanted her engagement ring to have a diamond halo that was raised over the wedding ring. This way, there is no gap between the rings, making the combination look like a double-band.

Ring design optionsInstead of a cage under the Diamond (left), we placed the halo flat on top of the band (right), so that it would be raised above the wedding ring.

Wedding ring looks like laceWe made this floral-inspired lacy ring to curve under and around the Blue Sapphire engagement ring. It looks gorgeous on its own as well.

Moonstone on sketchThe Moonstone sits on top of a double band and the rope ring can be removed and worn on its own, as a wedding ring. 

Moonstone engagement and wedding ring setEngagement ring and wedding ring worn together. Wearing the rings like this, makes one solid ring. 

What does your favourite combination look like?


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  1. Do you offer this service? I have an heirloom I would like reset. Or can you recommend someone?

    Thank you

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