How We Do It: Diamond Designs

Often people want to make something after seeing a picture on our blog or website and although it would be easier for us to just say Yes and make it without further delay, we choose to do things in a more roundabout way. We will have you come down to see us so that we can discuss what you like and if there are any changes you want to make. And even if you happen to like a previous design just the way it is, chances are that your own item is not going to look the same as in that picture. This isn’t because we don’t know what we are doing. On the contrary – we want to know exactly what we are making, and that is why we will sketch out your version before we start. This also helps you get a better idea what your piece is going to look like and what you can expect from the ready piece.


Two bezel set Diamond rings with a tapered band. The ring on the right is using a larger Diamond for a smaller finger. diamondring_comparison

Two Diamond Rings with 6-claw setting and Diamonds on the band. The Ring on the right using larger Diamonds on band for a more modern and wearable look. diamond_halo_comparison

Two Diamond Rings with Diamond halo and Diamonds on band. The Ring on the right is using a much larger centrepiece and deliberately small Diamonds on the halo to exaggerate the centrepiece. 

A ring might also look pretty in a picture but when you wear it, it doesn’t look right on you. Or to put it clearly – even if you were to choose the exact stone size as in a picture you’ve seen, the proportions may look different on your hand. Your finger size might make the stone look huge – or too delicate. Together, we will select a suitable stone size to suit your taste and finger size. Smaller Diamonds and a delicate band tend to be favoured by younger wearers, where a more mature wearer usually will want the whole ring to look more solid.

princessdia_comparisonComparing Diamond size to make a decision – 0.50ct on left, 0.60ct on right


Have a further look, and see if there is anything that you would want to make your own…

Resetting and Redesign
Need help Visualizing?
As Simple as Simple Gets
Every Diamond Counts


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