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We are entering a new era. With Gen Y taking over and children learning how to handle new technology so quickly that you suspect they were all born with computer chip implants, we are also working to keep up with the program.

Share products from morethandiamonds.com.sg to a variety of social networks

Morethandiamonds.com.sg is revamped and now functions as an online catologue, where you can look, like and share custom made jewellery pieces. The website is connected to our blog, which is connected to Facebook, which is connected to our store, and on it goes… All our platforms are linked, so whether you are browsing the online catalogue, looking for information on our blog or commenting on Facebook, a ‘like’ or ‘share’ is just a click away. With these tools almost seamlessly integrated with each other, you too can make the most out of social media. Inform your friends, ask for opinions or just share your love for fine jewellery.

Browse and Share products directly in Facebook Shop

You can access More than Diamonds through our Facebook site from the tab ‘Shop’ or share products from the website to your Facebook Profile. You can tweet or email your friends if you find an interesting post on the blog. How about starting with this one ;).

A new mobile interface makes it easy for you to browse products on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Even this blog has a mobile interface, which makes it easy to follow us while on the go.

Tell us what other platforms you would like to see MTD on, or which functions you are missing! Welcome to a more interactive jewellery experience…

PS. Most of this blog was written with an iPhone on the bus on the way to work…

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