Special Edition: Sarah Tan

Chris has been friends with Model/TV host Sarah Tan since high-school and we recently made her a Special Edition Goldilocks™ necklace.

Drop Pendant

Sarah being a dear friend and someone who is often in the limelight, we wanted this piece to be something different. The drop pendant was born, and with it, a more abstract way of writing the names. We absolutely love this piece and it was great to use Sarah as inspiration.

Chris n Sarah

Says Sarah Tan: “My ‘Sarah’ necklace is brimming with sentiment. It’s a heartfelt design by a dear friend who knows who I am and who has given me a gift that reminds me, underneath it all, I’m still me.”

Sarah Tan

Sarah Tan

We took some pictures of Sarah wearing her new Necklace and they turned out so nice, we chose to use one on our new Goldilocks™ website!

One comment

  1. lovely piece for a lovely girl 🙂

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